Online Dating Etiquete

The web has become so convenient that people are using it for all purposes right from banking to business and shopping. Now it is not surprising to find that the web is also used for love, dating and marriage. It is essential that a certain degree of social etiquette is needed when it comes online match making sites and dating sites where you find lots of people converging to look for love.

So if you are thinking or planning to date online then it is mandatory that you too follow some sort of online dating etiquette. Here are some basic things which you should follow to maintain a certain degree of social etiquette.

When you plan to join an online dating website make sure that you feel quite comfortable and safe with the website. What this means is that look for a website which makes sure to keep your emails confidential for this will give you the comfort of freedom when it comes to interacting with others on the dating site.

Be truthful and post a photograph of yourself which has taken very recently and it always pays to be truthful. People like to see you as you are now and if some one likes you as you are then there is nothing like it.

Make sure that you start a new email account which is to be used only for online dating purposes and also find a user name that goes with your personality. This is a very important online dating etiquette to be followed.

When you send mails to different people on the dating site make sure that you personalize your messages to each and everyone. Respond and reply to every person who contacts you and even if you do not like someone, the least you could do is send in a thank you note and say you would not like to correspond with the person. Let all your messages to people be polite and a little bit of humor would not hurt too.

Another important online dating etiquette is that you do not lie to anyone when you are interacting with them on the online dating sites. Try to speak the truth about yourself and try not to be too enthusiastic and ask all sorts of questions about the person. There are many people who would not want to share personal information about themselves even after a couple of mails.

In cyber dating it takes time for people to trust each other as most of us do not know who we are chatting with on the other end. If you do not like someone then it is perfectly alright to tell them that you would not like to chat with them, but make sure that you do it politely without hurting their feelings because most of the people who are signing up for these dating services are actually looking for love.

If you have gone out on a date or two with someone whom you have met online on the dating services but whom you find suddenly not very pleasing to you then it is perfectly alright for you to tell them that you are no longer interested in seeing them through email.

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