Free Online Dating Site

Free online dating services are offered by various web sites. Online dating has become a huge trend today. Every single day 4 million Americans are using free online dating sites. These sites offering free services earn their revenue only by way of ad sales. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Consumating is one of the free online dating sites which offers various features. Its tagline is to find people who do not suck. The site will ask you to provide a profile and you can search by specifying age ranges also like 20s, 30s etc. You can use the tags to find friends. The site also provides various features like conducting contests and quizzes to members etc. It has a message board feature too.

2. Engage is yet another free online dating site which helps in match making. The user can sign up with a profile wherein he\she can specify his likes, dislikes, hobbies and special interests. This site allows even non members to be suggested for a match. The members can directly email with each other. At present, the site offers a few months of free trail. However non dating match makers can use this site absolutely free.

3. Match Activity is a new site that will set up a date before introduction. You can post activities be way of tags. This site offers numerous features like adding buddies, target invitation to specific persons and so on. Match activity is free. If you want to make one to one communication other than activity planning, then you will be charged a monthly premium of a few dollars.

4. Match tag is another free online dating web site which offers similar services of Match activity. It offers a complete social network. It has a new feature called calendar feature which allows to find activities you like and to trip up new ones.

5. Mingle now helps to join online and offline social gathering. The members of Mingle now can meet in reallocations like bar, restaurants etc. They can mingle online and offline.

6. Plenty of fish is very large dating site and it allows the user to do what they want. This has 600000 monthly visitors in United States. The users are allowed to browse personal profiles completely free of charge.

7. Prescription4love is a site for special people who have the problem of deafness, HIV or obesity. It helps its members to find a better match. It also allows the users to find people in the same locality by personal qualities.

8. Rate or date is yet another free online dating site that features couple rating, singles event listings and so on. It allows the users to search for someone whom they find reliable and loveable.

9. Verb date is a new dating site which allows the users to have the usual online dating experience through skype. It also provides the normal features to the users like user profiles with tags, photos etc along with making skype calls with each other.

The above are some of the examples of free online dating sites. Yet there are numerous free dating sites. However you are advised to confirm the fee particulars before registering to a website. Some sites may charge fees after 6 months. Hence it is necessary to confirm if the website usage is absolutely free or not. And beware, there could be hidden costs.

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