Lariat Necklace

Among other jewelry items a lariat necklace occupies a somehow privileged place due to the elegant but very simple design and wear style. A lariat necklace depends on an open, long strand that hangs free from a flexible ring or drop in the front part. This type of accessory has been considered a great fashion trend by the great looks it lends to the cleavage of a dress for instance; it also makes the lines of the neck stand out, accenting fragility and elegance at the same time. A lariat necklace can be wrapped around the neck at least twice or three times by they could also be worn in a tie or a knot like an artistic “tassel”.

Fashion critics often insist on the way a lariat necklace keeps reinventing its modernity, if we were to speak the truth, there is nothing new in the design. Lariat necklaces have been around ever since people started wearing long string beaded necklaces, either tied in front under the form of a knot or doubled around the neck. The lariat necklace is present for almost all the fashion stages, but it stills fascinates the designer's imagination, and remains always new by the variety of combinations between the basic materials it is made of.

Delicate and feminine, a lariat necklace is a great way of boasting with some little exquisite diamonds. Such jewels definitely go well for special occasions, most often in the evening since, they require some form of fancy dress one way or another. The presence of the special clasps of the lariat necklace turn it into an adjustable jewelry that can be worn either close around the neck with the rest of the chain hanging down or a lot looser, thus contributing to a casual look.

You can find a lariat necklace advertised at a bargain price, but the figures usually rise way over $1,000, depending on the material the jewel is made of and the features of the stones included in the design. Nevertheless, for casual wear, you can always pick a lariat necklace that basically relies on the charm of gemstones such as agates, aquamarine, crystal quartz and the like. For such jewels, the prices will definitely be somewhere lower than $100, depending on the design complexity and the manufacturing procedure. It goes without saying that a handmade necklace will be more expensive than a series one.

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