Horseshoe Necklace

Most people choose to buy a horseshoe necklace as a symbol of good luck and fortune; such jewels make great gifts to be offered to a dear one on birthdays, Mother's Day or even special family occasions. Furthermore, both men and women can wear a horseshoe necklace for good luck. Such jewels can be simple or adorned with gemstones, crystals or even diamonds in a variety of designs and sizes. Usually, a horseshoe necklace is delicate and very thin, but this is not always the case, the buyer is the one to choose the model that best suits his or her taste.

It's no wonder people still wear horseshoes in the form of amulets, and though this practice is presently labeled as a phony superstition, its symbolism goes back to times when people believe in magic more than they do nowadays. A horseshoe necklace is the reduced decorative variant of the real object that was hung above a doorway or next to it, in many parts of the worl. Presently, when asked, most people who wear a horseshoe necklace will tell you that it has more of a personal value, but that it usually keeps away the evil eye.

According to the same symbolism, the horseshoe necklace should never be worn upside down or it would lose all its good luck. However, in the Greek antiquity a person who wore a horseshoe necklace was paying homage to the moon, the symbol of good crops and fertility. The entire power of the “amulet” lies in the U shape, considered to capture positive energies; yet, today it has a mere decorative function. A horseshoe necklace is almost a landmark; it looks good, it is delicate and can be combined with both fancy dress and casual wear.

There are no restrictions concerning the material a horseshoe necklace is made of, though the most common jewels are silver and gold made. However, more sophisticated items are designed in a combination of white and yellow gold; even the horseshoe pendant could include gemstones finely cut into very small sizes. All in all, the variety of models specific to such necklaces also allows for a certain level of originality; the U shape may be identical but the craft details certainly differ from item to item. Plus, you don't have to be a superstitious person in order to wear a horseshoe necklace, the looks are just as important as underlying beliefs!

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