Giada Necklace

It often happens with people that are spending a lot of time in the spot light to become models or anti-models: the way they dress, the jewelry they wear, the attitude they adopt towards matters of public concern often shapes the way their fans perceive various social situations. This is the very case of Giada necklace: an item of very stylish and refined jewelry worn by the famous Italian cook, TV show presenter and writer: Giada di Laurentis. She is considered to have style and is therefore expected to set fashion trends, which seems to be actually happening since many famous jewelry houses like Tiffany for instance have included the Giada necklace among their newest creations.

What does the Giada necklace actually look like? First of all, we are talking about small-sized diamonds which are not that expensive, and therefore they become a lot more accessible to the average buyer. She has been wearing custom diamond layered necklaces during her shows, and this is how it happened that more and more women became eager to borrow the look and the style. If you take a look on the Internet, you'll see how easy it is to purchase a fake Giada necklace, for no more than twenty dollars, as the diamonds used in the design are not real.

The design of the Giada necklace very much leaves the impression that the diamonds are actually floating around Giada's collarbone. They are cut little and bezel set in different sizes, so that the refined look and the elegance of the jewel as such should not remain unnoticed. There are all sorts of style improvisations that are made in the attempt to imitate the Giada necklace: thus, there are Giada necklace fans who'd use some prolonged set pendant and bezels to achieve the artistic effect they have in mind. And this may actually work for the casual look!

The famous Italian has also explained the trick behind the elegance of the necklace that bears her name. Sometimes she is actually wearing three necklaces that together make up the Giada necklace everybody is crazy for; there is a length difference between each necklace and the solitaires are bezel set, but each of the necklaces is so thin that the diamonds seem suspended in thin air. The important thing is that the overall aesthetic effect she achieves with this kind of jewelry is absolutely stunning; after all who wouldn't like to try such a combination on?

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