Diamond Necklace

When we say “diamond necklace we definitely think about great fortune, fame and definitely glamor. But are there any “anonymous” people who get to wear a diamond necklace? If in the past the answer to such a question would have been a discouraging “no”, we cannot claim the same thing nowadays when diamonds have become more accessible to the average buyer. Whether bought for a special day or simply rented to rise up to a unique occasion, a diamond necklace requires a certain protocol to be followed. There are some fashion rules that only apply to diamonds and not taking them into consideration would definitely be bad taste.

First of all, the dress must be matched with the color of the diamond necklace and not vice versa. Since such jewels are considered the highest expression of style and refinement, the clothes must definitely rise to the same quality level. The dress you wear with a diamond necklace mustn't necessarily by incredibly expensive, or the unique design of a famous fashion house, but it definitely has to meet the elegance expectations. Diamonds are only worn in the evening, never during the day, this is the only time when their sparkle is uniquely reflected. Furthermore, the rest of the accessories, if there be any, need to be matched with the necklace, and usually be diamonds too.

A diamond necklace can be worn at a wedding, a dinner, a special official reception or on any other social occasion that requires a highly exquisite presence. The “sexy black dress and the diamond necklace” look is almost a cliché, in terms of fashion and personal choices. Ask any man or woman and see what they'd say about the way to wear a diamond necklace; market research shows that more than half of those asked would make the above mentioned association. And they wouldn't be very far from the truth: a transparent diamond necklace best goes with a black evening dress, but this is by no means the only combination possible.

Buying a diamond necklace could sometimes be a true responsibility; men usually offer them as signs of appreciation, love, gratitude and so on, and the word goes that there is not a single woman who would remain indifferent to a carefully chosen “diamond necklace”. The “star” reputation associated with wearing a diamond necklace comes from the frequency with which famous women are seen displaying such unique jewelry items. They have an image to live up to and they definitely keep it going.

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