Carnelian Bead Necklace

Wearing a Carnelian bead necklace was a sign of prestige in the old times, and the elegance of this accessory has definitely been preserved intact even today. The whole value of a Carnelian bead necklace lies in the structure of the beads that it is made of. Carnelian is a form of agate and has the reputation of being the most interesting and valuable for gem production. Two thousand years ago, the Romans used Carnelian to make seal rings for important correspondence on which they poured hot wax.

Before creating a Carnelian bead necklace, there is a whole production process involving the beads: under the influence of heat, the agate stones are shaped or model according to the designer's wish. Sometimes, the beads are passed through this process several times before the creation of the gems; usually there is also a change in color, a reddish variation or shade depending to how long the beads are exposed to heat.

The gems used in the manufacturing of a simple Carnelian bead necklace may have traveled a long way before being accessible on sale; there are several places on the globe where Carnelian is extracted. This variety of quartz, also known as Mecca stone or pigeon's blood agate is to be found in incredible resources in Latin America Brazil and Uruguay, but it is also dug in India. The reddish color of the gem is more or less intense depending on the presence of iron oxide in the inner structure.

Many buyers prefer a mono-color Carnelian bead necklace; however, it is very fashionable to make combinations with Carnelian color variants that often create some of the most rewarding body jewelry. A Carnelian bead necklace can be well matched with a Carnelian bracelet or with ear rings that have this semiprecious stone included in their design. Prices are not extremely high, and almost anyone can afford to purchase a regular Carnelian bead necklace.

Furthermore, a Carnelian bead necklace could make an excellent gift for a special occasion or the holidays; fashion experts usually associate this type of decoration with fall colors. Nevertheless one can still find proper matching for a Carnelian bead necklace regardless of the season; it could look stunning with a wavy silk dress or with a long-sleeved shirt. For tips on matching gemstones with clothes, you may also take a look online and check the varied suggestions available on fashion sites.

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