Moving To Belize

Belize is an English speaking common wealth and you will enjoy the beautiful water views in Belize. Hiking, horse back riding and bird watching are some of the excellent entertainments in Belize. Many foreigners want to invest in property in Belize to enjoy their retirement life. The beautiful surroundings and low cost living makes people move to Belize.

Moving to Belize is not a difficult process. However you need to consider some points before planning to move. For part time living you can come to Belize with a valid passport. After one year, you can apply for permanent residency. There are Retirement residency programs in Belize. Qualified retired persons can settle in Belize. Friendly people, stable currency and easy access to land for retirement home construction are the added advantage of moving to Belize. The qualified retirement people will be given incentives like free import duties for moving personal belongings.

As English is the official language in Belize, many people will not find it difficult to communicate. People are also allowed to move their pets easily to Belize. There are number of schools in Belize and hence you need not worry about the education. However most of the schools are over crowded and so individual attention to students is generally lacking. Internet connection is easily available and you can get phone services quickly. International moving services to Belize are as follows;

There are many moving companies that will help you to move your household goods to Belize. Sea containers and Air Freight containers are available to move goods safely. These companies provide a well organized and professional move to Belize at reasonable rates.

Wooden lift van and crates are available to keep your goods safe before moving to Belize. The lift vans eliminate individual handling of goods and so they are safe. The goods are highly protected during the process of moving in shipment. Air freight moving services are also available for moving last minute items.

People are willing to move to Belize not only for enjoying the breath taking views of it but also because of the low cost of living. It is becoming a favorite place for calm life style lovers. Belize is sturdy and rugged and it also has beautiful islands. You can spend your days fishing, hiking or exploring the wonderful islands. You can own a land and can grow flock of chicks without the disturbance of Government agencies. However you may need to do all the works by yourself. You must know how to repair your car, plumbing work and so on. This is because you may not get the help of service providers easily in Belize.

The laws in Belize are very similar to that of in United States and so you will not face any difference in Belize. Belize new residency program helps you to set up a new office here. You can enjoy the low over head costs and tax free status. As Belize is a politically stable democratic, you will not experience any pressure here. You will live peacefully in Belize. The police do not even carry the guns here. Making a permanent residence in Belize is easy and enjoyable.