Moving Pictures

By taking assistance from the technology like 2D,3D, 4D animation and making use of video clips, we can make various types of moving pictures that can make our computer desktop attractive and lively. So we can set the moving pictures on the screen in the form of moving wallpapers, moving screen savers and various images.

For making moving pictures, the user has to be familiar with the knowledge of the animation technology, its principles and he has an idea about how to use suitable software for installing moving pictures on the desktop. If you want to install the moving pictures in the computer then that requires the editing software for transferring the moving pictures in the video to the hard disk of the computer. Also apart from such editing software, video camera, mobile camera configuration, the computer enables with desirable hardware functions.

With the help of internet technology, mobile and computer with suitable software and hardware, we download and install various moving pictures on our computer. By using the storage devices like CDs, DVDs, pent drives and cell phones with suitable hardware compatibility, we download various types of moving pictures like moving wallpapers, video and audio clips of still from movies, movie songs, moving wallpapers of scenes, famous personalities, animals, etc. Also by using the camera function of cell phone, we take video shoot of our own moving activity and set it in the any location of the computer.

The technical component like USB cord of the cell phone assists us to install the downloading moving pictures in the hard drive of the computer. While installing these moving pictures, your cell phone should be incorporated with USB cord. After attaching it to the USB port, the editing software enables and activates with USB port and transfer all required data of moving pictures of wallpapers, screensavers, audio-video clips to location of your computer.

Animation technology plays a vital role in making the picture movable. The animation performs various functions for setting and displaying moving pictures. For demonstrating any movement we can use animation effect in the moving picture. For instance, by using the animation effect we can make the natural moving picture of any natural activity like running, playing, etc. also we can move such picture dimensionally like 2D, 3D, 4D, etc.

By seeing something moving on the screen, we get familiar with some technical process of data transforming. So this type of moving animation endow with lively view to us. For instance, moving picture of process of file copying from one folder to another gives us an idea about the copy function.

On the web page of any advertising site, we see the moving pictures of the products with special aim to attract and convince the client about the standards of the product. So that is also a significant example of use of animated moving pictures in the advertising world.

Due to speedy growth of internet technology, the moving pictures are utilized in large scale in various corporate, advertising, educational and official works. Also in some family occasions, we store our memorable incidents in the form of moving pictures like video recordings, live photo albums in the form of data files.