Moving Boxes Los Angeles

Moving boxes used in Los Angeles are brand new boxes that have not been used at all. A number of boxes of different sizes are made by the company to meet your moving needs. These boxes are assembled in a box bundle and moving kits that are designed specially for this purpose. These moving boxes Los Angeles are of very high quality. The minimum strength for any box is 50lb. this weight is appropriate to move and ship. There are also some boxes that exceed this given estimated standard.

The Los Angeles moving boxes are manufactured by converting big rolls of rugged Kraft board also known as liner board into boxes. It is then printed, cut pout and then pasted. It is stacked on a pallet, banded, loaded in the vehicle and is then sent to the customers who demand it. The size of the boxes differs from order to order. The standard size being 16x12x11 and 16x13x9. There are different types of moving boxes Los Angeles;

Small Moving Boxes- it is about 16 3/8x12 5/8 i.e. 1.5 cubic feet. The small moving boxes are also referred as the book box. It is used to hold the books, DVDs, CDs and other such small items.

Small Moving Box Bundle- if you are deciding a very big move, then you may use the small Moving Box bundle for your moves. You will receive these bundles directly from the warehouse of the company. The less you handle the products directly means reducing the cost of moves for you. The dimension of the small moving boxes is about 16x12x12.

Medium Moving Boxes- these boxes are about 3 cubic feet and 18x18x16. This box is considered as a all round box for moving any type of item. It is excellent for the linens, kitchen items or any other non-fragile items in your house.

Medium Moving Box Bundle- again if you decide for a big move, then medium Moving Box bundle is the answer for you. The dimension of this box is 18x16x16.

Large Moving Box- the large Moving Boxes are used for moving the bedding and linens. It can bear upto 65 lbs weight. Its dimensions are 18x18x24; that is approximately 4.5 cubic feet. The large Moving Box meets all the standards or the requirements of shipping.

Extra Large Moving Box- it is about 6.1 cubic feet i.e. - 24x18x24. The extra Large Moving Box is the best choice for the transfer of light weight and oversized items that includes large pillows, serving bowls, comforters, crockery sets, beddings and, many more.

Wardrobe Box- this type of box is available with a metal hanger bar, on purchase. These boxes act as portable closets to keep your clothes. You can keep all your things neatly by hanging them on the hangers provided at the time of transportation for preventing them from getting dirty or wrinkled. There is also enough space available in the wardrobes for keeping the shoes or any other accessories at the base of the box.

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