Tactical Gear

With tactical gear being the choice of many people with diverse preoccupations such as safaris, tracking, mountain climbing, camping, fishing, hunting and so on, one can but wonder why sports accessories are not enough. At some levels the competition between tactical gear items and sports wear is undeniable as there are voices for and against one or the other. However, a unanimous view tends to favor the safety qualities of tactical gear over sports equipment, since they are first of all designed to ensure the survival of army troops in the harshest of conditions that a sports person is very unlikely to come across.

There are common materials used in both domains, as sportsmen and soldiers equally profit from very advanced technological applications such as the use of insulating layers in the clothes and footwear structure. It is almost unconceivable to start an outdoor adventure without waterproof clothes and boots, and here the main difference between military gear and sports footwear lies in the weight of the items. Army boots follow a rougher design, since the utility purpose is favored over the look, and given the nature of the materials used in the manufacturing, such footwear is often a lot heavier than regular footwear.

Therefore, unless you take a great liking in boots from regular military gear, you could simply choose some lightweight tracking boots that are both comfortable and enduring. The only advantage of military gear here is the use of shock absorbers in the sole structure; nevertheless, sportswear manufacturers also imitate this quality feature for the increased comfort of the wearer. This is relevant for the tendency that stood at the basis of the development of the sports industry. It is true that the needs of the body during extensive effort guide the design concepts, but resistance and physical endurance were first experienced by soldiers, not athletes.

Therefore, we are very much in the right to say that the mainstream influence went from the army towards the sports and not vice versa. One slight disadvantage that many people are sensitive too is represented by the very few colors used in the creation of military gear for safety camouflage purposes. For anyone who'd like more colorful items of equipment, sports shops are the places to visit, not military gear ones. And last but not least, some items could be interchangeable with little difference between the two domains; this is the case with headlights that have been used in the army for quite some time, and were afterwards borrowed by sports items manufacturers.

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