Super Trooper

The famous single of the Abba group, Super trooper is considered among the gold performances of this Swedish band, hitting all music charts in Europe, particularly in the UK, Belgium, Germany, France and Finland. However, in the United States, where Abba didn't get all that glamor and success of the European stage, the Super trooper song made no waves. It was finally included in the Tot Dance Hot Play, and recognized as one of the best oldies, but nothing beyond that. The lyrics and the sound of Super trooper carries the Abba imprint, with a gentle touch of sadness that cannot pass unnoticed.

The name of the single Super trooper is also the name of the seventh Abba volume released at the beginning of the 80s. For a long period of time this was actually the best sold album in the UK for instance with another hit like “The Winner Takes it All” as a power engine for even more fame. The name of the song is probably the most suggestive of all, since it made one think of both the famous music group as well as the military infantry ranks, during the dire years of the Cold War. The super trooper thus becomes the epitome of the common soldier who fights in the low ranks and operates military vehicles, unseen and unsuspected.

As paradoxical as it may seem the “unimportant” super trooper of elite military groups is definitely remembered by anyone humming the Super trooper song. The phonetic association that has often led to confusions, has also left place for army jokes and lots of humorous stories in which the super trooper is the main character. Such stories also inspired the 2001 comedy The Super Troopers picturing five police members who are busier with playing pranks than with real police work.

A different version of the Super trooper was launched in 1999, by Abba Teens, who preserved the original line of the song, changing the tune here and there. This was another success, which actually opened to door for the new band towards the music world. The good reception of the new Super trooper proves the rich appeal a classic song can have to the younger generations, usually said to have a different perception of past music culture. The most surprising fact is that the remake of Super trooper actually brought a higher success worldwide than the original itself.