Military Gear

Tactical or military gear, now available for both army and civilian use, is part of a wide business circle that includes small and large business owners. While some enthusiasts would buy military gear from special stores, some others would wait for governmental auctions to take advantage of the low prices of surplus military gear. Before leafing a military gear catalog, one doesn't even suspect the richness of the offer and the complexity of the compounds; from special belts to tactical holsters, there are thousands of items to choose from. To get an idea of what military gear is like, have a look at the many web pages advertising army equipment.

Let's take for instance the case of the special army belts included in regular military gear; the advantages of purchasing such a product are obvious for anyone who needs a highly resistant type of belt. The quality of such a product lies in the character of the stitches, depending on whether they are crossed or double. Usually such items receive a life-time warranty of wear and they can serve you very well during expeditions or hikes in the wild. Other items of military gear worth buying for outdoor expeditions are glasses.

Regular sun glasses don't have the lens resistance of typical military gear; moreover, besides the advanced UV filter and the shatter resistance, they come together with a wrap-around frame. When you wear a hood or a cap, the glasses are sure to remain in the right place, not to mention the fact that you won't lose them because of the shocks caused by running on rough terrain for instance. Glasses are an important part of military gear in general since they minimize fogging and the airflow caused by strong winds. Though similar to goggles in the wearing style, army glasses don't have bulk features and are ideal for peripheral viewing.

For adventurers and anyone who needs to sleep under the open sky, professional sleeping bags that are included in regular military gear make an excellent choice due to their exquisite design and great protection features. A quality sleeping bag will maintain a layer of warm air between the body and the exterior, keeping cold away and ensuring a comfortable night's rest. For jungle or forest conditions some army sleeping bags also have special insect protection nets that cover the face; such protection elements included in the hood could prove immensely useful in the most extreme conditions.

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