Combat Vests

Protection, multipurpose use, lots of pockets, accessibility, durability, these are the features anyone expects from quality combat vests. Worn over the jackets, these clothing items are actually the ones that ensure the easy use of ammunition and other combat elements that would otherwise seem out of reach. Even the rear patches of the combat vests are placed in such a way so as to ensure easy access to the content. There is usually a standard size the design involves, but all combat vests include adjusters on the shoulders, in the kidney area or for the back; such peculiarities can be used either vertically or horizontally and they enable the wearer to control the motion comfort level.

Since night vision is now part of all military equipments, combat vests have all sorts of features incorporated in their special dyes that make such apparel items unique and identifiable. For the safety of the wearer, the closure system of combat vests include both zippers and clips, while pouches also have modern closing designs that prevent the accidental opening and drop of military gear. When you take a look at such a vest, you'll definitely be left surprised by the incredibly large number of pouches and pockets. What could one put in them all? And this seems like a justified question.

There is a simple explanation, combat vests need to include anything necessary to the user; thus, from maps to lights and hydration reservoirs, each item of equipment has its pre-established place. The material combat vests are made of has to be waterproof while also acting as a wind stopper. Depending on the season, you can use combat vests with or without fleece linings; yet, whichever be the case, the weather resistant material is usually a combination of gore-tex and other synthetic compounds obtained through modern technological processes.

If regular combat vests can also be purchased by civil users who can use them for a variety of outdoor activities, one cannot say the same about the bullet proof combat vests used by the police and military intervention troops. Such military gear includes removable protective panels for each body part that can be adjusted to the user's size due the presence of elastic devices on the sides. If you get the chance to leaf an army gear catalog you'll notice the charts with the sizes of the bullets, against which combat vests can protect the user.

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