Army Surplus UK

Probably one of the countries with the oldest history in re-selling of army surplus, UK is the second largest country after the United States that organizes public auctions for the goods that remain as extras. Though the number of customers interested in purchasing military surplus was a lot higher after the Second World War, army surplus UK stores are very popular nowadays too, continuing some for of tradition that began in 1872. The most famous such British stores are the Army & Navy stores owned by the House of Fraser, with the headquarters in London.

The army surplus UK needed to be rid of started to be passed to the poorer members of the society as early as the 1870s when a group of army and navy officers founded the society that is now known as the Army & Navy Stores. The name was changed only in 2005, and it is now the House of Fraser Victoria. If you visit this huge army surplus UK facility you'll be impressed by the diversity of the items sold and the presentation mode that is similar to that of a department store. As a matter of fact, though the merchandise comes from government supplies, the House of Fraser has always been called a department and not a surplus store.

A wide range of clothing and equipment is passed on to army surplus UK stores; sold online or in regular shops, apparel items are definitely the highest in demand. Don't be surprised to find information about the products for sale as not being new, this often happens with certain pieces of equipment that are no longer used by the military troops. The good part is that army surplus UK stores that activate online will ship orders without any transportation fee anywhere on British territory, a policy which definitely attracts buyers.

There is army surplus UK government agencies send away and it usually includes goods, which have been already used: they are clearly marked in stores so that the buyer may clearly know the difference. Some products carry the identification as “worn but serviceable” and others “used condition”; however, all the items that are offered for sale as new are also clearly identified. You may also notice a price difference between what comes as new and the second hand items; nevertheless, as compared to the original prices of the products, you are actually making a true bargain.

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