Army Surplus Clothing

From all the items the government needs to liquidate from the stocks, army surplus clothing are the highest in demand; such clothes usually come tagged or stamped with the contract dates and the model type, as they are custom-made for the state. Buyers are more eager to purchase such goods since their quality is beyond any doubt and the price is much lower than when the item was first issued. Army surplus clothing can bring you all sorts of reinforced jackets, special protection vests, waterproof pants and some of the most long-enduring boots in the world. Last but not least, army surplus clothing could be the chance to create the look you've always dreamed of.

One item of army surplus clothing very much in demand is the special thermal underwear made of 100% polypropylene and fleece that can be used even on the harshest weather conditions. Thermal underwear is worn under pants and vests to preserve body warmth for a long period of time; sweat is absorbed and the skin remains dry all the time; furthermore, anti-bacterial materials are also included in the design of such special clothes in order to prevent any microbial skin infection.

Next on the preference list of army surplus clothing come fleece liners that are both soft and very warm; such apparel items are worn either under thicker clothes during the cold season, or separately like some lightweight jackets when the weather allows it. The great part about such army surplus clothing is that it can be used as casual wear on any informal occasion. Don't expect to purchase colorful clothes since they are designed purposefully not to attract attention and ensure a good camouflage; tan, army green, gray, light and dark brown and black are the only colors accepted by standards.

Rain army surplus clothing makes another good choice for anyone who spends a lot of time in the open air. Made of waterproof materials like gore-tex, rain coats are large enough to allow carrying a back pack, and they are also long enough to protect all body parts from bad weather. Hoods are also attached to the items so that one is definitely sure to stay comfortable and dry. The only available colors for such army surplus clothing are a combination of dark green with brown and black or tan and brown hues, depending on the type of terrain where the rain coats are to be used.

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