Army Pants

Fashion trends have very often received their influence from other occupational sectors like the military one; this would actually explain the wide variety of army pants models on the market, some of them designed by most exquisite fashion houses. Besides the style and the look associated with the use of army pants, there are people who prefer the original items to any other trendy imitations existent on sale. This is the case with people who use army pants for a variety of outdoor activities that involve hiking on rough terrain, in all weather conditions; for anglers, hunters, mountain rescuers and so on, army pants are a comfortable and safe type of clothing.

The main strong point of army pants is durability; the materials used for the manufacturing of most models have knee and butt reinforcements as well as wind stoppers and waterproof protections. One has to stay dry and warm even in harsh battle conditions; this was actually the reasoning behind the design of original army pants. They are large enough to enable easiness of movement as well as the use of special tights or thermal underpants that are mainly worn by soldiers in the cold season.

One other feature that justifies the great reputation of army pants is represented by the multipurpose pockets that are created both for the rear side of the trousers and for the knee level. The diversity and the size of the pockets is a standard imposed by the necessity to carry all sorts of military gear like ammo and supplies. Furthermore, there is the possibility of attaching knee pads to the army pants for increased protection. Though most models include pads with straps that are bound behind the knee, they are sometimes uncomfortable when worn for too long a time, causing skin irritations.

For increased comfort levels, army pants also have zippers and openings that ensure a good airflow in and out, thus allowing the skin to remain dry and warm all the time. In case you want to buy a pair of army pants and you don't know whether they are high quality or not, there is one thing that cannot mislead you: the seams. One basic characteristic of professional army pants is the double or even triple-needle seam, combined with a reduced porosity level; regular army pants will feel a bit rougher when compared to casual wear, but this is actually normal given the fact that they aim at long term use in harsh conditions.

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