Army Gear

One can get a pretty close image about the potential tough situation in a soldier's life by simply getting a look at the army gear included in a regular military kit. Besides the regular equipment there are all sorts of items meant to help one survive in the best conditions possible. High-profile sleeping bags designed to be used at -20 Celsius or night vision goggles are some such military gear anyone would be curious to try. Any active member of the army should know how to operate a night vision device and be able to apply basic survival skill if the situation demands it.

Companies who produce army gear also aim at attracting other buyers from various social backgrounds who one way or the other need to be well equipped for outdoor activities. Let's take, for instance, the use of special glasses with different frames and lenses to be changed according to light intensity. Such items of military gear are really amazing for broad anti-projectile protection. People who play paint-ball, work in forestry fields or are exposed to other external eye risks by the nature of their job, can easily choose such glasses for protection purposes.

For anyone who likes camouflage colors such as tan and light army green, the t-shirts designed as part of the regular military gear make a great choice. For those interested in purchasing this type of clothing, sports stores and online shops have special sections with sizes and catalogs. Some come with a logo, some others are simple, but what is very likely to attract one's attention is the material these military gear items are made of. Usually it is a combination of cotton with a silk screen that allows the skin to breathe and doesn't get wet during strenuous physical effort.

Other great pieces of military gear that can be used for other regular activities are knee pads that have replaced the strap or sleeve systems with the clip one. This means that the user no longer has to worry about binding some leg straps; the knee pads get clipped to the fabric and there is no irritation or skin rash caused by the older models. Moreover, don't worry about the protections sliding down your legs: they are there to stay as long as you want without chafing. It is true that such military gear comes for higher prices; if you are a military, you don't have to buy them yourself as they are part of the equipment, while as a civilian you can consider it an investment worth making.

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