Post Menopause

Post menopause is the period when a woman does not have her monthly periods for more than a year. On the other hand it can also be described as the period when a woman's ovary stops producing eggs. Suppose if a woman's ovary is removed by surgery for any reason then she will be considered as post menopause woman. This is because after removing ovary there is no chance for getting periods.

The post menopause exists until the woman dies. But some women experience bleeding in post menopause. It may be due to hormone changes. Sometimes the bleeding may happen because of any cancer growth in uterine. A physical examination along with scan will help the doctor to find out the reason for post menopause bleeding.

In this period, most of the menopause symptom will reduce gradually and then disappears. But as the estrogen level is decreasing women are at high risk of heart disease and diabetes. Regular exercise and health diet will help you to prevent diseases. You should eat rightly.

The symptoms you have faced during menopause will reduce now and you can feel energetic again. But due to your old age there are some risks. Some healthy life style changes will help you remain strong and healthy till the end.

Even though you get older you can engage you in physical activities. Many elder women consider this period for doing things that are liked by them. You are now relieved from pregnancy, child rearing, hot flashes, sleeping disorders and depression. You can enjoy your own time in gardening, dancing etc.

Some people think that old age is a curse and young age is good. Both have values in the society. Even if you can not do any heavy works, you can provide help by giving necessary advices. It will keep you physically active. The third and final stage in women's life cycle is post menopause period. So you need not waste your time in unwanted thinking. Many women are joining organizations in this period and help the world to improve. You can consider this period as your pre teen years.

As your hormone level gradually decreases and disappears entirely, your ovary can not produce eggs any more. This may also lead to fat accumulation in the waist. Weight gain will lead to strokes and other problems. Follow a healthy diet which is low in calorie. Soy yogurts, milk, tofu and other soy products can keep you healthy. Take fresh fruits and vegetables that will balance your nutrition. As you are growing older you may get indigestion and gastrointestinal problems. A fiber rich diet will help you to get rid of this problem. It will also help to protect breast cancer.

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