Menopause Diet

Menopause may cause some problems like hot flashes, head ache, body pain, and joint pain and so on. Most of these problems can be cured with the help of healthy balanced diet. Sudden weight gain in waist and thighs may upset most women but it can be controlled through healthy diet. Women's diet must be different from that of men's. A high carbohydrate and less protein food will definitely make you fat. So a balanced diet combined with regular exercises will keep you fit always.

Hot flashes are the major problem in menopause that most of the women all over the world experienced. But you can control them by avoiding tea, coffee, spicy and oily foods, smoking and alcohol. It is proved that black cohosh and dong quai can control ho flashes. Soy protein will definitely control hot flashes. You can take soy milk or tofu daily in your diet. It contains estrogen like substance that helps you to balance the estrogen level. Taking soy daily will prevent most of the menopause symptoms.

Even though menopause is a natural process that every woman must experience in her life cycle, some 80 % of the women are facing troubles during menopause. Some physical changes may cause depression to them. A healthy diet can control the physical changes. As they get older, the digestion system will also change and it will take more time to digest. So food high in calorie may result in weight gain especially belly fat is common in women during menopause. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals and low calorie will help you a lot.

Fruits, oats and cereals will make a healthy diet. You should avoid junk food and oily food. Fried food will increase cholesterol and that in turn will lead to heart attack. You can take soy paneer instead of milk paneer. Fruit juice without sugar instead of cold drinks will help. Tender coconut has low cholesterol and it reduces body heat.

Late night eating will cause fat problems and indigestion. As a result you will not get good sleep. Sleeping disorder will definitely worsen your menopause symptoms. So plan your dinner before 8 p.m. Taking warm milk without sugar will help you to get good sleep. You can also take salads instead of oily snacks. This will help you to maintain hormone balance.

Broken bone is another problem caused due to menopause. Diet enriched with calcium can help you to keep your bones strong. Calcium rich diet must be practiced even before menopause. Eating rightly will surely minimize your menopause problems. Water melon and citrus fruits will help to gain potassium and the problem of water loss in body will be avoided. Yams, greens and fish will help you to face your menopause easily.