Male Menopause

Male menopause is often referred to as andropause. It can affect men between 45 to 50 years of age. Male menopause occurs mainly due to decrease in hormone level. Unlike women, men menopause does not have any typical symptoms. In fact not all men in the world are facing the problem. But there are some men who face the problem of andropause. Men may get problems like obesity, depression, lack of concentration, memory loss and so on due to the hormone imbalance.

Male menopause is entirely different from female menopause. The estrogen level in women will be decreasing and disappear completely at the end of menopause. But for men the hormone is decreasing gradually but will not disappear entirely. Even a man at 80 years may have children. Yet there are some symptoms that both men and women may experience during their menopause.

Male menopause is an unknown term for most of the people. Even doctors did not know any specific treatment for male menopause in the past century. But now the term has been recognized by all and the specific treatments for hormone replacement have been discovered.

40% of male between 45 to 50 years are experiencing some symptoms of male menopause. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for men's sexual drive. As the hormone level decreases, men may face some sexual problems.

Lack of concentration, memory loss and feeling weak and tired while working are some of the problems faced by men during andropause. Depression, sleeping disorders, mood fluctuations are some other symptoms of male menopause. Male menopause can be curable with regular exercises, healthy and balanced diet.

Most of the psychological problems faced by men are curable with care and affection of family members. With the understanding life partner, a man can face less painful menopause.

There is no definite time period for male menopause. It may vary from man to man. Male menopause can be diagnosed b the doctor after a thorough physical examination. The doctor may also ask about the symptoms.

Hormone replacement therapy can be given to men if he is suffering from decreasing hormone level. But the therapy is not that much safe as female hormone replacement therapy and it has more side effects. Some changes in the life style, food habit etc can help to recover from the symptoms of male menopause.

Men with smoking habits and wrong eating habits are likely suffering more from male menopause. As there is a risk of stroke and other health disorders associated with hormone replacement therapy, it is advisable to quit bad habits and to start healthy diet and regular exercises. This will help to reduce the symptoms of male menopause.

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