First Symptoms Of Menopause

Menopause is a natural process in a woman's life cycle and it is not a disease. But most women experience some symptoms of menopause that may or may not be painful. Every woman in their 30s or 40s normally faces some first symptoms of menopause. Menopause is the stage in a woman's life when her ovaries stop producing eggs and when her menstrual cycle stops.

In today's world women are facing more challenges in their careers and they have more family responsibilities too. If their body health does not cooperate then naturally they will develop some mental stress. This is the main problem of menopause.

The first symptom of menopause is the irregular period cycle. A woman may get her periods too frequently or too long. Some may have excessive bleeding while some others have light bleeding. Many women in their 30' and 40s have few ovulations due to hormone imbalance. This is also the first symptom of menopause.

Some women may feel tenderness in their breast and some others have the problem of abnormal hair loss. Some women experience the problem of excessive estrogen. Consuming birth control pills, certain chemicals, sprays and fertilizers, consuming food that contains more pesticides are all the reasons of excessive estrogen. Excessive estrogen may cause head aches, mood changes, excessive bleeding in the periods and sudden loss or gain in weight. These are also the first symptoms of menopause.

Some women face sleeping problems. This may happen because of night sweats or coldness. The sleep distraction may cause mental stress in women. Some women face the problem of vaginal dryness which is very uncomfortable. As a result women lost sexual interest. This is because they feel pain in intercourse.

Most of the women feel hot flashes as the first symptom of menopause. They feel hot prickly feeling in their back. It may last for some seconds or for half an hour. This can be curable with vitamin supplements and healthy diet

Depression and anxiety are the first emotional symptoms of menopause. Most of the women feel separated and they need more care and affection from the family members. Memory loss and lack of concentration are also the symptoms of menopause.

Older women face the problem of urinary controls. This is because they may lose bladder controls and so they feel passing urine frequently. Dryness in genital area is common and this is due to decrease in estrogen level. Head aches and muscular pains are the most common symptoms of menopause. Some may lose elasticity in the skin and so dry and itchy skin is common. Some others face the problem of unwanted hair growth in face. This will upset the women most. Sudden weight gain in waist is also a common symptom and this is due to the increase in fat tissues.

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