Who Invented The Light Bulb

Today's the most important source of the light which we essentially require when we get up till we go to the bed. This light bulb is the gift for human being and the person who gifted is Thomas Edison. He is the founder of the light bulb which we needs in each work.

Thomas Edison born on 11 February 1847 in Milan, Ohio; and was bare in his studies. His mother used to study him. But at the age of around twelve he gave his school ;as he was more interested in the research and related study. After that he devoted himself in the inventions. He helped by his father for the job in grand Trunk railroad. He used to sell candies, news papers, cigars, etc, but besides this he started selling his own news paper called Grand Trunk Herald.

With the help of these activities he set up his own laboratory to carry the experiments about the rails. This helped Edison to become the telegrapher in the year around 1863.

Besides this till near about 1878 the basic source of the light was gas only. Use of the gas for lightening purpose was the hectic job as it creates soot which used to occupy the whole home with it. The drawback of this light was the hot air, degraded air which was more pain in the summer.

Therefore since decades businessmen and the inventors had been trying for the nice light source which will run with the help of electricity. They planed for this that it would have filament in the vacuum and will emit the light while passing the current but there main problem was that they were not able to find the filament material that would survive for that much high temperature.

Then in the years of around 1878 Edison decided to give the output for these efforts. The way which Edison used to follow was of the trial and error method. In this invention also he tried for about thousands of materials to make the filament. He used to keep faith in collective work. He never kept interest in the theory for invention purpose.

There were many peoples who invented the light bulb along with Edison those were Charles Bachelor, John Kruesi, Francis Jehl and Frances Upton.

All these peoples found the material for the filament would be of carbon but the construction of the vacuum was not in favor of the carbon filament and it could be disintegrated. After more studies Edison comes up with the new improved vacuum design with the vacuum pump called as the Sprengel vacuum and again tried for the carbon filaments. It does work well for around 13 hours.

Then little changes in vacuum and the filaments he found the different types of the bulbs. In this fashion Thomas Edison comes with the invention of the light bulb.

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