Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs are important, so stock up! Lights were the basic need of the life and now along with the basic needs they have become necessary for the decoration even. For this purpose now in the market we will get the different types of the bulbs which may be the halogen lamps or fluorescent lamps or the regularly used incandescent lamps.

According to the need we can purchase them. There are three main types of these bulbs which are Energy saving bubs, Fluorescent bulbs and the Incandescent bulbs. These are as follows:

1) Energy saving Bulbs:

The basic types of the energy saving lamps are as follows:

* GU10 Mini Energy Saver 7W daylight:

These are well to replace the halogen lamps. These Energy saving lamps saves around 80% of the energy than any ordinary lamps as well as these will last up to about 8 times longer than that. Though these are like halogen lamps they will not require that much power. Generally halogen lamps will need around 35W and these will needs only about 7w of the energy and therefore are the energy saving lamps.

* Daylight Helix Energy Saver:

These are around 25w high powered bayonet fitting daylight simulation energy saver which will give the light output as that of the incandescent bulbs of watt around 125w. These are ultra bright and ultra white bulbs which will are equivalent to the day light and therefore these are ideal for the craft work or graphic designing.

* Full Spectrum energy saver:

These are the full spectrum energy saving lamps which will give out around 6500 degrees of the color temperature. These are of high color rendering index of about 88% which will be helpful in color matching. Therefore they are ideal for the designer, craft work, sewing and where ever the good light is needed.

2) fluorescent Day light tube:

These lights are required in the many applications such as art, design, and painting or may be in the offices, shops, factories, etc. therefore in day to day life we generally prefers these light as the color rendering index of these lights are well.

3) Incandescent Light Bulbs:

These are the special bulbs which are blue finish bulbs which will be helpful in simulating the color of real day light which are required in the craft work or the needle work. They need 60 watts of the power and around 240 volts. The length of these bulbs is around 105mm and the diameter is around 60mm and these will give the daylight.

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