Led Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs can be bought online today. LEDs are nothing but the Light Emitting Diodes. These bulbs are used for the directional lights. Therefore we can use it for focusing purpose. Color of the LED is closer to that of the day light color therefore new studies says that these are good for alertness. These LEDs are nicely replacing standard Halogen or fluorescent bulbs. They can use for the reading or lighting purposes.

They gives light equal to that of the day light as they are consist of little mirror inside it which will reflect light in one direction and LED light is that much efficient. As these lights have the Edison Bulb base they ca fit in existing lamp and fixtures. Well planning of these bulbs will give the desired result which can be obtained from fluorescent light or halogen light.

Different types of the LEDs are as follows:

Sun Dusk LED Accent Light Bulb:

These are the soft accent lightning which gives the perfect amount of the light which will prevent blasting of the light in side the eyes. If you have any work in night you can use them without hesitation as they are that much soft for eyes. These are well for the bed side lamp, hall ways and some other fixtures where other excessive light is not preffered.


* Volts: 120

* Lumens: 26

* Watts: 0.90

* LEDs used: 18

CC VIVID LED Light Bulb:

These are the focused lower light outputs for cubbyholes, hallways, or in porches. These are well used for reading purposes or accent or any other applications they are used where the low light is desired. These will work well with the dimmer switches.


* Volts: 120/12

* Lumens: 31

* Watts: 0.97/0.87

* LED used: 18

CC VIVID Plus LED Light Bulbs:

These are used for the dispersed higher light output which needs in the smaller rooms, porches or may be used where more light is used like for reading purpose or for accents or any other applications.


* Volts: 120/12

* Lumens: 60

* Watts: 1.84/2.5

* LED used: 36

CC VIIVID PAR 20 LED Light Bulbs:

These bulbs are available in the spot light models which will five more focused beams and other flood light model which will give you the spread out dispersed light which are well suited for the ceiling lights or as an garden accents.


* Volts: 120

* Lumens: 80

* Watts: 1.9

* LED used: 36

These are the different types of the LED bulbs which can be used in the homes and can replace the standard fluorescent or the halogen lights. Which are sometimes not required.

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