Led Light Bulb

Led Light Bulb is great. In past the source of the light was nothing but only the sun .Therefore, all daily stuff have to be finished within day light. But after some decades necessity of the light goes increasing and hence birth of different sources took place such as fire, gases and later bulbs.

But in past around 150 years the light was limited up to incandescence and fluorescence. After that the technology of the High Intensity Discharge Lamps (HID) comes in the picture. Thought these bulbs comes but no one achieve the luminous efficiency greater than around 200 lm/W it was up to 18 lm/W only with the help of incandescence light. After that near by in the year of 1960's LEDs comes which used to consumes less electricity than any conventional lights and the by product parasitic heat was also less than those conventional lights.

When these LEDs come at that time they were only in the red color with the variation of yellow or orange color. After this invention many research fellows with the help of material science, research and development gave the LED with white SSL device which were derived from the blue LED. These LED was invented by the Shuji Nakamura in around the year of 1993. He makes use of the chemical Gallium Nitride (GaN). Now with the same technology with little bit modifications we are able to develop white LEDs.

LED is the lam is brand of Solid State Lightening also called as the SSL which makes use of Light Emitting Diode or LED as the source of illumination which does not requires electric filaments or gases. Solid State Light is the term which shows the working of the LED in which light comes from the solid block of semi conducting material instead of using the gas or filaments.

SSL creates visible light with low heat energy generation as the parasite. This technology is highly resistance for the shocks, vibrations and wear and hence they are more durable than any ordinary light.

You will get different types of these Light Emitting Diodes in case of the shape. Some LEDs are large E27 which are Edison screw type some are like MR 16 which are in the shape of bi pin base. Some LEDs are small like E14 which are made to fit.

Benefits of using these LEDs which are made up from the SSL technology are as follows:

* These helps in reducing the CO2 which will be helpful in the green house effect.

* Requirement of the electricity for bulbs is reduced by around 50%.

* This will give the higher quality of the light.

* Total global electric consumption reduced by around 10%

Because of these benefits using the LEDs is more efficient and helpful.

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