Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Full spectrum light bulbs are of value. The full spectrum light bulbs are the bulbs, which emit light that covers the entire region of the spectrum from the lower energetic infrared to the high energetic ultraviolet and even higher. Thus, this light is similar to the sunlight. Technically speaking these bulbs do not actually emit the light of all the wavelengths however, when their most wide use is for getting light that is similar to the natural light. These light are different from the ordinary lights.

The measurement of the intensity for these lights

For these lights the color temperature and the 'Color Rendering Index' i.e. CRI are the standard units for measurement. In the normal conditions when the temperature of light is around 5000K and the CRI is around 90 or more, then the light emits light that is closer to a full spectrum light.

In these lights, a cube of black carbon is used. When we pass, electricity through it starts to heat up. When its temperature is around 0 degree Kelvin then it is pure black in color but as we start to heat it when the temperature reaches around 5000K to 5500K it starts emitting a light as it would have been on a sunny day in the noon. If we heat it to a temperature in the range 8000 - 10,000 then its lights appears like the light on a cloudy day. The temperature between 2500 - 3000K would represent the light of the ordinary tungsten filament lamp, while the temperature between 3200 would represent the light of the fluorescent light.

Uses of these lamps

As they are capable of producing light of different wavelengths, we can use them for producing the lights as given by different sources. These capabilities also enable them to produce light of different colors.

Some of the places where they are used are as given bellow.

In the gardening or greenhouse: the various activities of the plants require the sunlight. However, the sunlight is irregularly available. Therefore with these lights we can offer a stable source of light similar to the sunlight, to the plants.

In the studio of a painter: the light in the studio plays a very important role. This is because they the paint appear different in different lights. Therefore, it is very important that the light in the studio remains same throughout the day.

It is also useful in the seasonal affective disorder: this disorder arises due to the change in the light during the different seasons of the year. Some of the people are sensitive to this. Therefore, by the use of phototherapy we provide the necessary light to these people. This is especially useful during the winter season when the availability of the sunlight in some regions is very bad. In these cases, the light will act as a stimulus for the regulation of the circadian cycles.

The use for the independent verification: these lights are also useful in the studying of the effect of the different lights on the living beings or on food articles or any other articles. The ultraviolet light proves to be damaging to the living things. a lot of research is going on in the world for this and in this research in most of the places these lights are proving to be useful.

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