Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Energy Saving Light Bulbs should be in all homes. We use the lights in whole day many times. But these lights consume lot of energy. Almost all the incandescence lights consume more energy than the fluorescent lamps. As the energy required to heat the filament in the incandescence lights is more where as in the case of fluorescent lamps there is no need to heat filament and therefore the energy required for such lamps is less.

There are different types of these power or energy saving lamps, which are as follows

Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFLs) Bulb

These are 11 watt A19 compact fluorescent bulbs. These are energy saving bulbs as they save energy around 40 watts than that of the incandescent lamps. Along with this, supra compact fluorescent lamps will lasts around 10 times more than that of the incandescent lights by saving around 75% of the energy. These CFLs will give warm color tone and has around 10,000 long life lamp hours than that of the incandescent lights.

These supra life CFL will produce minimum heat, light intensity and provides the best color rendition. Along with these features these are low profile size so as to fit variety of fixtures. This will offer around 36,000 hours of life span by saving tremendous amount of the energy without the maintenance.

Blue Patriotic Light

These are the lights which will require no more replacements of the bulbs so one can replace there old bulbs with these bulbs so as to save the energy required. These are well for the home decoration purpose. This bulb is compassed with the three LEDs inside it therefore consumes less energy. These bulbs need around 8 watts of power and life hours is of 100,000 hours. The main feature of this bulb is that they are water, chip and chip resistant.

Halogen Floodlight

These are 38 watts PAR 38 halogen floodlight which saves energy up to 5660 hours energy. These lamps use the rigid quartz capsule which is more durable this will conform precise beam control to the help of solid state design. These lamps will save the energy up to 13% than any general halogen lights. The lamp is advantageous as it is provided with the coating this reflecting coating will pass heat outside the bulb through back and allows the light forward. These lights will survive for any commercial use where as it will survive for around the 5 years in the house hold.

These are the types of the energy saving light bulbs and due to the different technologies used they actually helpful in saving the energy.

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