Edison Light Bulb

Edison Light Bulb hostiory is well noted. Today when we wake up in the morning at that time even we need the light until we go to the bed. But in the years when there were no any light one can imagine the situation. At that time the source of light was the gas light or the oil lamps. But use of the gas light was the most pathetic. The gas light is the source of the soot which will be every where in the room where it is placed.

But in the year near about 1870s Thomas Edison invented the electric bulb which is still useful. Before his invention the basic idea of the bulb was already designed but the material of the filament was not yet got. This; the main part was given by the Edison. The Edison lightening consisting of the lights in the series circuit, the drawback of this lightening was that if any single bulb fails it will affect the whole series circuit.

Therefore Edison wanted such lights that would be safe, reliable and inexpensive electric light which will be the well substitute for the irritating gas light and its bad effects. so to get such electric bulb Edison work for years and carried thousands of the experiment so as to give the peoples desired result. In around 1879 he firstly demonstrated his first bulb, which was the incandescence light.

This light is used to call so as because it was consisting one thread like object called as the filament which is by heating at the incandescence temperature used to emit light. The filament is heated with the help of electric current.

Before inventing this electric light bulb he carried out different experience with the help of different materials for the filaments. Previously he carried out the experiment for the platinum filament as its melting point is high but as it was costly he start with the studies with some other material.

Then he found out the filament material as the carbon. This was cheaper than that of platinum and provides good light. And therefore he replaced that platinum filament with the carbon filament and again carried out some experiments.

Edison had created this bulb for this he was assisted by Francis Upton who was the graduate from the Princeton University. He provided all the mathematical and theoretical expertise in which Thomas Edison was dull. With the help of Francis Upton only he produced platinum filament bulb and the carbon filament bulb and finally reached down with the electric light bulb.

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