Rab Light Fixtures

RAB light fixtures are produced by one of the leading American manufacturers of lighting equipment; their products are specialized for outdoor working conditions, being available nationwide and internationally through dealers and online representation. RAB light fixtures are sold as part of a full line of gear designed so as to allow for an easy installation, long-term durability and meeting high quality standards. The lighting equipment is not produced exclusively in the United States, as the corporation also has manufacturing centers in Malaysia, China and Taiwan, thus being able to serve a the great demands of a large market in continuous expansion.

Depending on the model there are certain technical features to expect from RAB light fixtures; first of all their products have a water shedding design. RAB light fixtures also match a variety of architectures as they provide uniformity and blend well in the background. Each light fixture has fins that prevent heat accumulation in the ballast compartment. Furthermore, in case you need some special form of optic control, RAB light fixtures have superior reflectors that match the most professional requirements. The lamp comes together with the fixture; it can be installed in a variety of ways allowing even mounting, it all depends on the intention of the user.

Weatherproofing is one other great advantage of RAB light fixtures; the external hardware can be made from steel or highly resistant plastic, but such details usually vary from model to model. Silicone is one favorite material used in the design of the RAB light fixtures precisely because of its high resistance to harsh weather conditions or climatic changes. The gasket that protects the inside of the fixtures also enables an easy change of the lamp. RAB light fixtures work well with all sorts of lighting systems, but it is highly advisable that you go for fluorescent lamps as an ecological alternative to incandescent bulbs.

RAB light fixtures are used for a variety of purposes from commercial and industrial lighting to floodlights and wall-packs. They are also highly compatible with motion activated lighting products that the company produces on a large scale. With RAB light fixtures, outdoor lighting becomes a lot easier and much safer. Even if you intend to install a low voltage landscape lighting system, this kind of fixtures are highly adequate. They do not require professional technical knowledge to install, and they come with an extended warranty. You may however need advice when it comes to the creation of the lighting system as such. Good luck!

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