Halo Light Fixtures

The history of the Halo light fixtures began in 1956 with the foundation of the Halo Lighting Company; their goal and commercial philosophy was to design fixtures that would meet all the decorative and practicality standards. All their models revolved around some very basic principles: Halo light fixtures need to be easy to install, simple and appealing to the customer. Moreover, one other major issue the producers were determined to respect was the service facility. Presently, the Halo light fixtures are still being produced but the company changed the name from Halo to Cooper Lighting; they have an international market presence and their products receive some of the best reviews.

Halo light fixtures match the standards of the commercial, the business and the industrial market segments: this means that you are likely to find their products in offices, production halls and homes. The company has also built a great reputation in the creation of customized Halo light fixtures that are designed according to the client's specific requirements. The special housing products started being produced as early as the late 50s and the results were outstanding. With the “fit all” housing product line, Halo light fixtures became the biggest market success in the history of lighting, and their fixture model turned into the most copied pattern of all.

At the beginning of the 70s, Halo light fixtures made another great step towards dominating the market even further this time aiming at the residential segment. Halo was then producing a miniature version of the track lighting system; we could actually say that from a certain point of view, Halo light fixtures were the ones to open the door for some very modern residential lighting systems. The next great achievement was the introduction of the high intensity discharge Halo light fixtures designed for indoor use.

Presently, Halo light fixtures are still manufactured according to the initial patterns, particularly since the focus of the company in recent years has been on extending business and opening new working points. Customer service offices and modern production facilities, these are the two major achievement that the producer of Halo light fixtures can boast with. The quality standards are kept high, the costs are affordable and the satisfaction of the client is almost always one hundred percent achieved: they are and will remain some of the best sold light fixtures on the international market provided the company sticks to the present approach to production and customer service.

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