Exterior Light Fixtures

The limitations and the challenges of private outdoor illumination don't stop thousands of people from all over the world to decorate their gardens and house facades with the most interesting of designs, and in so very intriguing ways. The whole secret lies in the happy combination of exterior light fixtures and the careful selection of power sources and lamps for a unique arrangement. Low-voltage exterior light fixtures are not something new; the thing that's changed is the multitude of finishes and sizes such fixtures are no available in. The alternation of smaller and larger exterior light fixtures is the concept behind successful landscaping. Let's stick to it!

To continue the same idea, low voltage systems are the best choice you could make for outdoor illumination; they don't consume lots of energy though they stay on all night long, and the small size of the exterior light fixtures makes them incredibly easy to camouflage in the background. It is so much more interesting to have a great light-play without one being able to know exactly where the light is coming from. Moreover, even the most intricate illumination plan you may have in mind for your garden, should not be higher in costs than the installation of a regular indoor system.

Unlike high-voltage items, 12 volt exterior light fixtures are pretty easy to install in terms of wiring. Plus there is not risk about you exceeding the National Electrical Code either by using energy-saving devices. Garden paths, gazebos, doorsteps, they can all be flooded with soft light puddles, but you may also extend the illumination plan to mini-lakes and ponds. Thus, there are special exterior light fixtures that work great underwater, allowing one to enjoy the beauty of water sparkling in the dark. For special effects you may choose to use beams of light to shoot up in the air apparently out of nowhere.

Over-lighting is nevertheless one major aesthetic concern you should try to remember, since it is frequent as it is uninspired. Starting from the idea that one can make the night day, many homeowners will install too many exterior light fixtures thus showing too much and leaving out all mystery. The whole purpose of landscaping is the beauty of the artistic alternation of shades and lights; thus, trees, bushes, ponds, stairs and the architectural details of your home, they all become important elements and real participants to the decoration act as such.

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