Starting Lawn Care Business

Making a profession out of lawn care is a perfect fit for someone who loves to work outside and loves to make lawns look great. But it is one thing to mow a few dozen yards for friends to starting your own business. That is because when you are a business owner, you have to be an expert on two fronts. You have to be excellent at what you do which is taking care of people's lawns. But you also have to know how to run a business. And that second one may take some study to get geared up for. So here are a few tips to make the transition easier.

Maybe the most valuable thing you can do to make sure your first effort at starting a business of your own doing lawn work for people is to work for a lawn care company to learn the ropes. By becoming a worker in a successful lawn care operation, you can watch how the company is run and ask questions of the owners and manager so you are getting the inside scoop from someone who is running a working business. That kind of training is more valuable than even business classes in school because it is real world experience.

But there is a tricky little side benefit of working for a year or so for a successful lawn business. You will be making contacts. As you move up in the organization, perhaps you will become a crew chief taking workers to a job to perform a high quality professional maintenance project for high profile customers. This is the value of working for one of the premier lawn services in your community. You will get exposure not just to individuals who have their lawns taken care of professionally but also to golf courses, hotels and other business who contract with the company to do the grounds keeping for their business.

If you get to that point that you know exactly how to take care of this kind of high profile customer, you will have chances to make some contacts, learn some names and gather some phone numbers that will be huge value when you start your business. Then when you go on your own, you may already have a rich resource of customers with lots of money and the inside track on how to steal their business from your former employer.

You should use your time in preparation to learn other aspects of running a business. What kind of tools and equipment should you invest in? How do you handle the accounting and tax side of running a business? How do you make the most of a rain day? How to recruit and keep good employees? These are all skills that any business owner must know. You may know a lot about how to make a lawn look great but by adding these additional skills, you are equipping yourself for success when the business you run is yours.

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