Organic Lawn Care

The motto of the green movement is to think globally but act locally. To begin to live as environmentally conscious citizens of the planet, we must look at every aspect of our lives to find ways to "go green" and live in a way that protects our environment. And there may be no more appropriate place to go green than in how we take care of the biggest expanse of "green" you have which is the your lawn and how you care for it.

Our love of surrounding our homes with a lush green environment with many healthy and blooming flowers and plants in a way reflects our love of the natural world. So your desire to make your lawn a showcase is not at all against the principles of living green at all. The key is for us to find ways to perform that lawn care that is organic and natural and that will not harm the environment as we work to create that vision of the perfect lawn that you have in your head.

A very simple way to encourage a more organic and natural lawn is simply to let it grow longer than you might have otherwise. By allowing your yard to get longer and taller, it will fill in and that extra amount of grass above the ground generates more oxygen and is generally more organically sound. You can still get the look you want in your yard with a tall stand of grass. And a little known fact is that if the grass it taller, the roots are deeper which means they can find moisture better. That means your grass will be even healthier taller than if you trim the grass short.

Taking good care of your lawn mower is another way to make sure the act of caring for your lawn is environmentally conscious. The simple maintenance step of having your lawnmower blade sharpened or getting a new blade each year is a step that can do a lot for the health of the grass that lives in your yard. A sharp blade cuts the grass cleanly whereas a dull blade tends to damage grass which leads to injury and disease. Therefore using a sharp blade means a better cut to your yard, it also means healthier grass which is less prone to brown spots and illness as well as being environmentally conscious.

When the time comes to get a new mower, switching to an electric mower from an internal combustion engine cuts down on the emissions that your mower puts off as you cut the grass. It is a bit more of an effort to cut the grass with a power cord behind it but you can actually get mowers that work from a powerful battery. While the mower will be heavier, it will be cheaper to operate and the extra exercise will do you good.

Most of the natural steps you can take to a more organic approach to taking care of your lawn also make a lot of sense in terms or economy and being a good lawn owner. And by being environmentally conscious, you are taking one more step toward thinking globally and acting responsibly at the local level in how you care for your yard.