Lawn Care Tips

Unlike taking care of your house or your car, the unique variable in caring for your yard is that it is alive. That stand of grass is just as much a living thing as your dog, your cat or you for that matter. And like all life forms, it requires the basics of life which is food, water and in the case of plants, good sunlight. But unlike your kids or your dog, the tips you need to keep your yard happy and productive are very easy to do if you just take the time on a regular basis to give your yard some tender loving care.

Just as you would not think of letting your animals or kids go without water, water is the heart of a good program to take care of healthy grass. Of course, you can water a yard too much. But if you run the sprinkler on the yard for a half hour or so or until the water begins to run off, you will see the results in a rich green turf. The best time to water is the morning because more of the water is absorbed by the grass before evaporation takes its toll. A terrible time to water is late at night because that can cause fungus problems.

Each year there is some maintenance that you can do that will help your yard be in tiptop shape when the summer is upon you. All lawns go through changed and need help getting back to what you want in a lush, full spread of grass. So inspect your grass as the season ends to determine where some remedial work might pay off before the next growing season gets going.

By clearing out any areas that have become bare, you can seed that ground at the end of the growing season, which gives the seed the winter months to settle in. Do your routine watering which you should cut back slowly as your grass begins to go into hibernation. But that watering will help the new seed "set" to be ready to sprout in the spring. You can also use some quick start fertilizer if you want to see sprouts right away. But if the soil has been fertilized and has some nutrients in it, that isnít always necessary.

Other annual or seasonal activities that you should plan into your yard maintenance plan are fertilization and aeration. Aeration involves creating small holes in your yard to create room for air and living things to move under the surface. These natural elements in the ecosystem must be able to access the root system to provide vital nutrients to your grass's root system. Aeration may be as simple as walking every foot of your yard with spiked shoes on so the soil is opened up for further growth. There are specialized tools and services for aeration so consult with your local greenhouse on what is commonly needed for your soil.

By keeping up on the weed and feed and weekly and monthly maintenance, you can assure that your lawn will be healthy and green when the season is in full swing and you really want it to look good. And you feel good because you have learned to take good care of it just like you do everything involving your family and your home.