Lawn Care Forums

A business can only grow by getting more customers. And if you are building a lawn care business, how to find the kind of customers you want so your business can continue to thrive and expand is always a challenge. Of course, networking through existing customers is always a good move. But even at that, even a great customer may or may not remember to pass your name along to their friends or associates. So you cannot depend on word of mouth only to add more lawns to your weekly workload.

The internet doesnít seem like a place where lawn care networking makes sense. After all, your business is very physical and outdoor work, which translates into internet citizens. But it doesnít take a lot of awareness to start to see that more and more people are turning to the internet to find products and services even locally. In fact, for any business to ignore the internet entirely means you are turning your back on what may be the biggest business networking opportunity there is.

You donít necessarily have to start a big expensive web page to get started tapping the internet for new customers. For one thing, there are plenty of forums, message boards and other resources online that you can become part of where your knowledge and talents can be on display to people who need good yard expertise like yours. One such forum is a Yahoo function called Yahoo Answers. This is a forum that is supported by Yahoo so it is an international internet site. But there are local tentacles to the message boards so people can post local questions to be answered by local experts from all walks of life.

By paying attention to the questions people post on these kinds of forums, you can jump in there and provide support and knowledge. That raises your profile as a local yard care guru. It is a short hop from getting an answer from you to making contact with you to talk to them about taking over their yard care entirely.

There is one important aspect to this kind of networking. You have to let people know who you are. So think about that when you create a user name on Yahoo Answers or any of the many internet yard care related forums. By using your company name as your profile name, you are advertising your business with every post. In most cases, these forums allow you to put a short byline and email address at the bottom of each post. That small amount of networking data may be all you need to start claiming new customers through online forums.

Make it a regular hobby to look for various forums where you can become an active contributor. They should be local forums because as a yard man, your customers must be local. But many local nurseries, hardware stores or yard product suppliers maintain message boards and forums on their web sites. By taking advantage of what other people have, you can expand your business quickly and inexpensively.

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