Lawn Care Flyers

Building a strong lawn care business takes time. It seems that the biggest step is to get your equipment gathered and to buy the gear and the transportation that you will need to do a complete job for any kind of landscaping, mowing or lawn maintenance task your customers might need you to do. But the real challenge of building any business is not getting the equipment or even finding financing or employees. It is in finding customers.

Lawn care is a unique business because it is very personal. You are going onto a persons property to spend anywhere from a half hour to a morning making their lawn and gardens look great. And in most cases, you enter into a weekly arrangement with each customer to do the upkeep on their yard so you can just come and do your job without an appointment. You are in a business that is very one on one dealing with customers at the most personal level, in their homes.

For that reason, advertising your business is unique. Because your work deals in an area of life that is personal to people, door flyers are one of the most effective ways to reach out to a neighborhood and build your customer base in that neighborhood in a very controlled way. Flyers advertising your lawn service have a higher likelihood of actually being seen and considered by the customer than even direct mail or radio or TV advertising. People are used to going through their mail and just tossing out what isnít important to them. And tuning out advertisements is as natural to everyone who listens to the radio or watches TV.

But if you put a flyer on someone's door, they at least have to take it off. And in doing so, they will at least glance at it. And if you have done some cleaver design work and even used some color to draw the eye, you can grab the interest of that customer and remind them of their need for a new lawn service. That is effective advertising.

The costs of producing flyers is very controlled and reasonable. With some software and a color printer, you can make them up yourself. Plus if you only distribute them on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis, you can produce them a few dozen at a time as you go and keep your advertising costs to a minimum. But even if you want to blanket a larger area, you can usually pay a junior high kid a small amount to go from door to door and put flyers in each door so your distribution costs are small plus you are helping a youngster out along the way.

Flyers are a great way to expand your business starting where you are already working. If you have one neighborhood or street where you already have 2-3 customers, by passing out flyers to the streets around your existing customers, you can expand the number of customers you have in one area. That is highly efficient because, as you know, the more yards you do in one neighborhood, the more you make on a per yard basis because you cut out travel time.

You can have some fun making flyers and you can make new ones virtually every week to keep them fresh. And because they are cost efficient and very effective advertising, they are a great way for you to expand your business.

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