Lawn Care Equipment

In any big project, having the right tools is key to your success. This is certainly true when you set out to have a really great lawn. There is a basic set of equipment that you need to work with virtually every week as you perform the maintenance not only to make your yard healthy, green and growing but to trim it so it looks great and gives your home that "curb appeal" that is so valuable. While the tools of the trade of an expert lawn keeper are not exotic, you do want to invest in quality because you are going to be using them a lot.

The backbone of any good yard equipment garage is a reliable and versatile lawnmower. Now the style and size of mower you will need is entirely dependent what kind of mowing challenges you have ahead of you. But no one tool will have more scope of work to do than this machine in that your lawnmower routinely covers every square foot of the yard. So the impact of this important piece of equipment is pretty powerful when you stop and think about it.

For most average sized yards, your standard push mower is a good choice. But there are a lot of choices in brands and extras you can choose from. Now in the current environment of fuel economy, its easy to take a second look at electric lawn mowers and other alternatives like that. They are viable alternatives but you must take into account that you donít want to have to drag a power cord around the yard. And the alternative is to mount a heavy battery on the mower, which is cumbersome. Overall, the regular gas using mower is the most efficient and well developed type that will last the longest. And it doesnít use that much gas if you keep it in good repair.

Of course, for a large yard or acreage, you will probably look at a riding lawnmower or some form of tractor. But even in push mowers, there are various mechanisms for assisted pulling. Many of them work with gear systems so the engine turns the wheels for you. The problem with these types of mowers is maneuverability. If you need to turn and move the mower around quite a lot, you will constantly be disengaging the gears to take over the controls. And if you are always doing that, it was not really worth the extra expense those mowers bring with them to have a feature that just gets in the way.

Along with a good mower, you will need a reliable trimmer to take care of the areas where the mower will not reach. You should look to stock some saws that you can use easily to take care of low hanging branches or things that fall to the lawn if you have a lot of large trees on property. A spreader is a handy tool to keep because applying weed killer and fertilizer is ritual you will repeat several times each year. Along with these basics, you should build a good supply or hoses and watering equipment and even a shovel or two and some rakes to keep the yard trim and free of debris year round. With this arsenal of tools, you can keep your yard looking good spring, summer, fall and winter and then turn around and do it all over again next year.

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