Fertilizing Lawn Care

There are a lot of good reasons to maintain a healthy and strong yard. You want to do it because you have pride in your home and if your yard is green and lush and has been well maintained, you can have people over and really let your home become a showcase for entertaining. You may be preparing your home for sale and it must look its best. Or you might have no other ulterior motive to growing a healthy lawn than the joy that being surrounded by a lush green carpet that is bursting with life brings. But there are some maintenance items to take care of to make sure you keep that stand of grass well fertilized and free of disease and weeds.

The actual step of putting out fertilizer on your yard is far from difficult. Fertilizer is sold in many easily accessible retail outlets from your local hardware store to a nursery to even your grocery store or Wal-Mart. The lawn experts at your greenhouse can make sure you match your goals with the fertilizer you buy and that you buy enough but not too much. Then it is just a matter of spreading it evenly on your lawn and watering it in and you are all set.

There are things you can do not only to make the fertilizer more effective but to provide natural support to your lawn so it draws it's nutrients from the environment. Aerating the soil once a year is a way to open up the soil so not only is there more room around the soil for the movement of worms and other necessary life forms but air and water can get into the soil which makes it richer and more supportive of the grass above.

Also, put a priority on raking and keeping the soil under your grass free of debris, leaves, sticks and other things that fall into any normal yard. This miscellaneous clutter makes it more difficult for your grass to spread plus anything foreign in your lawn introduces potential for disease. By doing a thorough raking of your yard before fertilizing, you open the soil up so the fertilizer can easily be watered into the soil where it can get to the roots of your grass easily. This one step alone can increase the effectiveness of your fertilizer tremendously.

The more you do to make every inch of your ground smooth, clean and ready for fertilizer, the better each application of nutrients will perform for you. Its a worthwhile habit to walk down your property and fill in any holes with good topsoil and add seed where bare spots occur before fertilizing. Then with diligent watering, your lawn will fill in full and lush because you used the unbeatable combination of good fertilizer and tender loving care.

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