Laptop is a small computer that can be carried with you. It is light weight yet powerful. There are different varieties in laptop. The thin and light weight lap tops must support Blue tooth technology. It must weigh 2 -5 pounds. Then only it can come under thin and light weight category. There are budget laptops that will suit the requirements of students and small business man. It will not provide fast performance. You can use it entertainment purposes and not for graphic and multimedia. Now even budget laptops are having powerful memory management and Level 2 cache memory. It will have optimum hard drive and storage capacity.

If the system has poor memory, then it will be a waste one. So you can upgrade the memory for $50 in budget laptops. These low cost laptops will not satisfy the graphic lovers as they do not support multi media applications. These laptops have sufficient storage space for normal users.

If you want a powerful laptop with full size key board, graphic display cards, powerful processor etc., you can go for Desk top replacement laptops. Integrated Blue tooth and wireless network is the essential feature for this type of lap top. With desktop replacement, you can get full screen. Toshiba laptops under these types are ideal for fun lovers. They are great for movies and multimedia. HP pavilion are little bit costlier. But they assure fast performance. You can use them for home or business purposes. Alien wara laptops are for gamers but it provides average performance.

Mid sized laptops offer multimedia features. It provides enhanced battery life and security in business. It has separate password management that will check for any unauthorized users accessing your data. It is also a budget laptop and has good memory management. Ultra portable laptops provide a decent look and are ideal for mobile business man. Its sleek design ensures attractive look and comfort. They are little bit costlier. They have many multimedia features and high level processor. They encrypt every data for enhanced security. They have improved battery capability and enable you to charge them quickly. Their only demerit is that they are expensive.

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