Touch Lamps

Have you ever thought about how common and obsolete a push button may appear sometimes, particularly in an age when with a single gesture we turn the lights on or off? Technology and innovation are the two keywords that best describe touch lamps: lighting devices that have special sensors incorporated in the close-to-surface structure. What are the advantages of touch lamps?

Besides the fact that they are incredibly modern and easy to use, touch lamps are advantageous by the fact that they cannot accumulate dirt and moisture in the switch area as it happens with other regular types of switches. Such environmental factors can interfere with the proper functioning of the lamp, going as far as causing interior damage to the lighting system.

The working principle that is held as fundamental in the case of touch lamp is the capacity of the special sensor to react to the electrical characteristics of the human body. This is why most touch lamps are made of metal, since this is the right material for the alternative charging and discharging of the sensitive surface. The first connection between the touch lamp and the human body is temperature, and the sensor only reacts to warmth.

You can set the brightness level of the touch lamps according to three levels, even in cases when simple bulbs are used. Many users choose to buy three way bulbs, but this is very often unnecessary; if your lamp label has information on the adjustable light intensity, then, it should do. As for price, we should mention the fact that touch lamps are often more expensive than other regular models but they are definitely worth the money.

Where could touch lamps be used? In terms of interior decorations, it is definitely clear that touch lamps go well in modern settings, anything too classic would be mismatched. They are great for offices, desks, studies and any other modern space in your house. Though, the oval and round designs are the most common, there are other shapes too you may take into consideration.

As for the most specific colors associated with touch lamps, market studies show that “metallic” and silvery shades are definitely popular in a top of the buyers' preferences. However, plain colors are also available, and it is entirely your choice when it comes to finding the right model that best suits your house. Have a look over some of the many online catalogs to get an idea of the richness of the offer.

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