Lava Lamp

In terms of artistic design and novelty of conception, a lava lamp is definitely a unique item of lighting. Though more aesthetic than functional such an item is available in a variety of designs and styles matching almost all tastes. The name of “lava lamp” comes from the use of wax blobs or other types of liquid materials inside the lamp that are so similar to lava flows.

When connected to an energy source, the light bulb heats the content in the glass container that is placed on top of it. Hence, the working principle of a lava lamp that uses wax as a major component consists in treating the wax with some chemical solvent that makes it denser than water, causing it to expand under direct heat action.

The first time when a lava lamp was presented to the world was during a special trade presentation held in Brussels in the mid 60s; ever since, this product has increased in popularity reaching great sale rates in almost all the parts of the world where it was sold. Changing colors, bright displays and almost hallucinatory effects are part of the charm a lava lamp creates for any user.

Probably the nicest feature of a lava lamp is the way the strangely shaped blobs dance inside the globe of the lamp in rise and fall movements. The phenomenon is triggered by the difference of density between the liquids inside the lamp. A lava lamp doesn't necessarily rely on wax for its special effects, very often different oil varieties are also used successfully in the manufacturing of these decorative items.

Which are the places most likely to benefit from the artistic presence of a lava lamp? Well, though teenage rooms are usually the first places one may think of for using a lava lamp decoration, they can also be placed on hall ways, in kitchens or even in offices and dining rooms that truly need a speck of color. As for any possible expectations in terms of light quality, keep in mind that the main function of a lava lamp is to decorate.

A lava lamp will give enough light to prove its colorful beauty and that's it! It creates a great impact in the room at night and it can be left on for quite a long time in the evening; nevertheless, should you suspect any leakage or sign of improper functioning, switch it off and talk to a professional about getting it checked so as to avoid future possible accidents.

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