Floor Lamps

One's home is definitely one's reflection, and we all lay our personal imprint on the space we live in. From the choice of furniture to the colors on the walls and the lighting system, creativity, imagination and the subjective touch are ever present. The urge to create a cozy space where the artistic doesn't contradict the casual allows the combination of different types of lights: from centrals and wall sconces to floor lamps, ambient lights and more.

If we take the very case of floor lamps we'd be surprised to learn what a great popularity they enjoy. Without having a direct functional application, floor lamps are mood enhancers and artistic devices that create special effects.

What are the house areas where floor lamps work best? It all depends on the overall decorations you have used around the place, if you have all sorts of artwork displayed at a low room level, then this type of lights will definitely bring the focus on them. Even a flower arrangement made in a bowl and placed on a low glass coffee table can be exquisitely focused on if a floor lamp is placed beneath the transparent surface or slightly sideways.

The light intensity as well as its orientation is usually up to you to set. Hence, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and hall ways are the most likely to be decorated with floor lamps. Another big issue related to floor lamps is their installation, will they be above the floor level or would you rather have them fixed within it?

In both cases, floor lamps usually require special installation procedures that only a professional could help you with. It is best not to try it on your own since you could mix something up and either burn the system or leave some wires in the wrong place. Moreover, you could also ask for the advice of an interior designer to learn something on the perfect way to achieve artistic effects by the use of floor lamps.

Last but not least, it is not uncommon to use floor lamps for semi-open spaces such as patios and gazebos. In warm summer evenings this kind of lighting creates a very pleasant atmosphere either for parties or family reunions. For such cases, floor lamps also have a functional utility, beautifully marking the limits of a certain place; hence, besides the lighting features they also give a feeling of spatiality.

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