Antler Lamps

Rustic looks: this is what many house owners are trying to achieve, either when decorating their country side homes or even their urban residences. Such unsophisticated, yet elegant decorations need to be carefully taken care of from the furniture to wall color and the lighting systems. Rooms that very much rely on wood decorations and traditional furniture cuts are very often lit with antler lamps and chandeliers; recent years have even brought a total craze in terms of such decorative items that are widely advertised in interior design magazines and on plenty of web pages. What may have started as a hunting trophy collection first, has definitely evolved in the trend of designing personalized antler lamps.

The use of antler lamps is not limited, however, to offices and lodges, they also go well in hallways and restaurant reception rooms for instance. In such places they usually create a balance with the rest of the decorative items, not to mention that they often receive a more subjective charge: that of honoring the spirit of the animals that wore them once. Not all antler lamps use authentic antlers in the manufacturing, and very often faithful reproductions are used for the matter. Such cases correspond to the openly manifested concern that antler lamps manufacturing could be detrimental for the existence of deer species.

It has not been just once that environmentalists rang alarm bells and protested against the use of items of animal origin both by the clothing and the decoration industries. Antler lamps definitely fall under the category of decorative elements that many Greenpeace activists would ban without any comment. Nevertheless, the preference for such lighting systems remains, whether some like it or not; yet, as we have already mentioned before, antler reproductions are now widely used in the manufacturing of such special types of lamps.

The prices for antler lamps depends on the complexity of the lamp as such, as well as on the nature of the material used in the manufacturing. Original antlers are a lot more expensive and difficult to find, which explains the higher costs for the items. More recently, lots of Internet sites have started to offer plenty of tips and useful advice about how to design your own antler lamps at home without having too pay as much as for a professionally designed one. The only big challenge anyone would be facing here is that of including the electrical circuits correctly, and there one may have to ask the help of a professional in the field.

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