Alladin Lamp

Who hasn't hear of Alladin and his magic lamp? Whether as a child or as an adult who still dreams about finding a genie in a bottle, the Alladin lamp keeps fascinating people all over the world. It all started with the famous Arabian Nights that include a most delightful story about a young man, Alladin, who is led by a sorcerer in the attempt of finding a magic lamp.

Set in an exotic environment, the Arabian folk tale of the Alladin lamp is an initiating story about a poor young man who learns about deceit, greediness, fortune and loss throughout several life experiences of adventurous intensity. At the basis of the story lies the myth of the genie capable of fulfilling the master's wishes; the Alladin lamp is nothing else than the home of such a genie that appears when the lamp is rubbed.

By means of this magic item, Alladin becomes one of the wealthiest men in the country, marries the emperor's daughter and seems to have finally resumed a happy life. The quest for the magic Alladin lamp that the sorcerer embarked on is not over yet, as he is on the hero's track; somehow this wrongdoer tricks Alladin's wife in giving him the lamp, and ruins everything Alladin has achieved.

After new trials and adventures, the hero is able to retrieve the lamp and his glamorous life, this time for good. According to tradition, Alladin lamp is a symbol of impossible dreams coming true, and by the wish fulfilling gift, the genie resembles the golden fish in European folk tradition. Part of the world's cultural heritage, a story like that of the Alladin lamp has inspired not only film makers but interior designers too.

If you go to various decoration stores it is impossible not to come across at least one model of the Alladin lamp. Usually made of copper, such an item bears an exotic touch, and it would definitely fit in a house interior that resembles the Arabian Nights glamor. If you think about purchasing an Alladin lamp, the bedroom is usually the perfect place to use it, particularly in combination with special thin transparent drapes that enhance the oriental mood.

For special design ideas where an Alladin lamp would fit, you can always use the online tips on special decoration web sites. Here, you'll get an idea about what you need to do in order to create the perfect exotic magic of a fairy tale house, and the experience should be definitely rewarding.

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