Pine Laminate Flooring

Quality pine laminate flooring looks like the real wood but offers easier maintenance and cleaning than the real wood flooring. It goes best with your kitchens if it is white pine laminate flooring because it gives the appearance of cleanliness and detailed touch. As for installing, it is best when your flooring comes with the underlay attached to it as like this it will save you time during the installation process. The manufacturer’s attachment of the underlay will definitely be of better quality and as a result the sound will be different when stepping on your floor; it will resemble more that of real pine floor.

The texture of the pine laminate flooring is always very good in tricking the eye. It will make everyone think that the new floor you have in your home is the genuine pine floor. Recently manufacturers have started selling more and more glueless laminate flooring because the installation is reduced only to clicking and snapping planks together – a much easier operation.

If we had the opportunity to compare the pine flooring with the pine laminate flooring, we would notice that the laminate version is easier to maintain and to repair in case of accident. This laminate version will not lose its color because of sunlight or electrical light and will not absorb stains. However it is best to clean it with a dust cloth when there is street dirt on it or other kinds of marks coming from shoes. If you spill any fat or oily liquids, then it is best to use some suitable cleaners for laminate flooring. In case of nail polish, felt pens stains or ink stains, then use some acetone and a cloth to remove paying attention not to touch the areas which are not affected by the stain. But first of all, make sure you read the maintenance guide that came with your pine laminate flooring when you bought it.

Some say that it is better to buy the genuine pine flooring as it has longer durability, but manufacturers today offer up to fifteen or even more warranty under normal residential circumstances. Daily mopping is something that they take into account when designing and bringing quality to their product; and if spills are removed fast, durability promises get to be carried out. all in all, pine laminate flooring is a good option for those who cannot afford the genuine wood floor, yet want their home to look nice.

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