Laminate Wood Flooring

The first thing you should know about laminate wood flooring is that it is not real wood. It may look like genuine wood due to color, texture and it may sound like that, but still it is not the real thing even though we call it laminate wood flooring. However, many people prefer this type of flooring as it is cheaper and the warranty also seems to be quite pleasing. Some manufacturers offer warranty of more than 15 years especially for the laminate wood flooring that is thicker, such as the 12 mm one.

The laminate wood flooring has as an advantage over the real wood flooring in the fact that it may come in all colors and textures, so the range of offer may be more varied. It can very easily imitate the appearance of real wood up to the point where guests would be led into believing that they are stepping on genuine wood. If the boards are thicker – and, of course, also more expensive to buy because of this, then the sound of your step on the laminate wood flooring resembles the sound of stepping on real wooden floors.

In addition to this, laminate wood flooring is manufactured to present high water resistance. If accidental spills take place or if you need to clean your floor daily and use a damp cloth or mop, you needn’t worry about buckling or swelling. Of course, in case of spilling, it is advisable to act fast and not leave to water stay too long on your laminate wood flooring. However, manufacturers have designed a protection system against water and humidity that is very efficient and provides resistance even at the locking system level which used to be quite vulnerable in the past.

As compared to real wood flooring, the laminate wood flooring is based on what they call a floating system. This means that the flooring is not actually fastened under any form to the stratum lying underneath. You do not have to use nails, or glue, or staples of any kind. Between the stratum underneath and the laminate wood flooring you are about to install, you need to have some underlay that can vary in terms of what it is made of: plywood, vinyl, concrete, OSB, etc. the only requirement is that the underneath stratum and the underlay should be even so that the planks can be evenly laid and fit together.

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