Laminate Hardwood Flooring

Many people would like being able to afford buying hardwood flooring for their homes. But as we all know, genuine hardwood flooring is very expensive, therefore many turn to laminate flooring that has the aspect of hardwood, what we call laminate hardwood flooring. This type of flooring presents several advantages and disadvantages.

First, one should know that laminate hardwood flooring is not genuine wood. The way that manufacturers make these floors provide a lengthened resistance to stains, color fade and strong impact. However if you have a big dog and you allow it in the house, you should know that strong dog nails may leave some scratches on your laminate hardwood flooring, just as much as moving around heavy furniture without using floor protecting pads leaves marks.

Laminate hardwood flooring, like any other laminated products, is also supposed to be water resistant. Some manufacturers would go as far as sending you samples of their products and asking you to wet them so that you can see what effects, if any, water has on laminate boards. The secret is that the thicker the core of the laminate hardwood flooring, the more resistant it is to water or humidity. Some floors like these are very well manufactured so that they can cope with wetness and humidity at the level of the locking system as well, where you would expect the boards to be most vulnerable. But due to cleaning necessities, laminate floors have started being adapted so that they can resist pretty well accidental spills and damp mopping on a daily basis.

Finally, the way to install laminate hardwood flooring like with any laminate flooring splits floors into three categories. The glue-type flooring for which the installer has to apply the adhesive substance by hand to each particular board at the level of the tongue and groove. This type of flooring is not very much looked for these days as it is more time-consuming to install. The second type of laminate hardwood flooring is the glueless one which comes in with a special locking system letting you know by means of clicking sounds that each board has been installed correctly. This requires less time to install and the job can be done in a definitely much neater manner. It is the type that most people look for as it can be installed on a do-it-yourself basis. Last but not least, there is also the pre-glued laminate hardwood flooring which comes in with the glue already applied by the manufacturer and all that is left for the installer to do is to dampen the adhesive substance and then attach the planks together. This type of laminate flooring is not very common.

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