Laminate Flooring

What is laminate flooring? Everybody must have heard about it already or must have seen samples of such flooring in home centers. Or they may have heard about how pleased their friends or neighbors are. Well, let us see what pluses laminate flooring has that make everyone want to install it in their homes.

For the beginning the laminate flooring is much more resistant to wear and moisture than hard flooring or bamboo flooring. The thick core planks and the top abrasive layer will guarantee a longer life span in terms of aspect and resistance. That is why manufacturers encourage relying on laminate flooring especially in places with great of traffic, like supermarkets, gyms, and so on.

Another type of resistance of the laminate flooring is that to fading and staining. It is always the second layer the one that that gives the color so this cannot come in direct sun light and be damaged, while the first layer is usually intended to prevent stains and substances from penetrating the laminate flooring planks.

Another benefit is that the aspect of the laminate flooring can quite easily cheat the eye and thus you’ll end up believing you are actually looking at hard wood flooring, for instance. Therefore, laminate flooring can “convincingly” come in various colors and finishes to imitate the aspect you want. If you consider fit for your floor to look like stone, then laminate flooring can surely do that for you.

What’s more, laminate flooring will always be cheaper than hard wood or any other type of classic flooring. And installation will always take less than that of other types of classic flooring. It will also be less messy because the laminate flooring is what they call a floating floor due to its not being firmly attached to the sub-floor. Thus removal can be carried out in just as cleanly and fast fashion as was its installation.

In terms of maintenance, cleaning can be done very easily without too much concern for damage in case it occurs. The planks that have suffered some damage can be quickly replaced again without a great deal of mess and without making wholes in your budget.

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