Laminate Flooring On Stairs

Laminate flooring on stairs has become very popular with modern homes. Yet, if you intend to buy the planks and install them yourself on the stairs by means of cutting and adjusting, then you are in for some very difficult task. It is better to buy the laminate stair treads that have been manufactured for the purpose of reducing effort in installing. The manufacturers have already thought of our desires to remove the old carpet on the stairs and replace it with something looking much more elegant and presenting obvious advantages when it comes to cleaning.

Laminate flooring on stairs presents other advantages than the mere elegance which is indeed achieved. If you already have laminate flooring in the room, then the transition from the room to the stairs is achieved very smoothly. You do not have to worry about how to join the laminate flooring in the room with the carpet or vinyl on the stairs. When you buy the laminate for the room, you also choose the same laminate flooring on stairs in the form of laminate stair treads.

On the other hand, some people complain that laminate flooring on stairs is not a very good option. They worry about the fact that this kind of flooring may become slippery if your feet are wet or if you wear shoes that have very smooth soles. In such cases, you can still stick to the beautiful, wood-resembling laminate flooring on stairs and not worry about such issues. There are special carpet runners that can be cut and placed on the stairs to avoid slipping while going up or down. You can also use tiles of carpets with an adhesive substance that attaches the tiles to the stairs and also allow the beautiful color and texture of the laminate flooring on stairs to be noticed while providing security and freedom from slipping. Another option would be to resort to slip-proof tape which may last for several years, this being an even more discreet solution to the problem, as it offers minimum covering of your laminate flooring on stairs.

All in all, the tendency today is to do away with the old, dusty, and worn out carpet fully covering the stairs. More and more homes have renewed their indoor by resorting to laminate flooring on stairs. It is indeed a nice view when entering a house to see the stairs that imitate real wood leading up to the next floor. And if your living room spells elegance then your stairs have to keep up with that.

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